Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in writing

Well, It's been a while since i last typed. Looks like my book is going to have to be missing a huge chunk of my process. I failed to record pretty much all of my Freshman year of college. I think I'll have to upload a few of my older manuscripts. they are pretty f*cking wild, I gotta warn you. still, it's gonna be a blast once i get this rolling again. you'll get high just from reading what I'm gonna write.

Well, thanks to all my fans for hanging in there, reading what I've typed. I'm just gonna ramble now, okay? green lights flashing holy mother of what a spaceship... whoa. frickin...omigod. it's fucking everywhere, man. It's in my head. It's playin games with my mind. webcam. they watchin me now. they watches me typin. they watches me masturbate.... damn. that's crazy. you know, if you have a webcam plugged in, the government can watch you from your computer any time of day. Alright, that was a joke. But it could be true, right? PATRIOT ACT. You have no rights. We'll see what happens. I'm sure this recession will get much worse. I can't imagine how fucked up a depression would be. There would be so much crime, people would have to fight for their homes. damn. forget that scenario. I just got this wierd ringing in my ears, and it kept speeding up until it's like a propeller blade. crazy. Whell, I'm off to play some spore.

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