Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yo Easy.

Dedicated to: Nin. and Percy. Good dog.s
So. This is it eh? This is the empty lot. This is home. Welcome home, space ranger. Welcome home. I'm here with your wife and kids space ranger. they want to say one thing, space ranger. Welcome home, Space ranger. Wecome home. Damn. I'm with my bro and my brodog. PErcy and Joe. Theyre hanging out with me right now. But they all just wanna say, welcome home space ranger. welcome home. Im all in with this koolaid and icecream. except, i have no ice cream right now. Now I have ice cream. and I am filled with joy. and ice cream.
White Light. i see it. it all around me. This light show don't stop. i'm loving it all the time. damn. it outta the world. I gotta love this shit man. It's pure win. Its pure win(HA) that's been curled into a ball. And pure win is some really heavy stuff. to get enough of it to make some kind of ball, you must have several thousand tons of win. a mere wisp of pure win is enough to kill any human being. from sheer win. so this ball, so dense and heavy that it falls to the countertop, crushes its creators hands into oblivion, continues downwards through the counter, throught the linoleum floor, and concrete shell, throught the ground, through the crust, the mantle, through magma (which melts before it). and into the center of the world, thus making the world win powered.!!!!!!! i win. I have the answer.

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Joe said...

Oh my God dude, freaking nuts. Yo go on mine when you get the chance. Welcome Home Space Ranger! Welcome home. ^_^

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