Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Percys Stories

I was thinking about Percy and Nin today. Percy will be coming home from his stay at my college house this week. It's funny sometimes to think about the kind of conversations dogs would have if they could communicate.

Percy would tell Nin about this magical house he keeps going to. "Its a bigger house." hell say "And the yard is bigger. Many people live there." Nin will be curious.

"What kind of people?" She will say.

"Theyre very loud and... happy. And they look different. Theyre darker."

"darker? They have fur?"

"No the faces are darker. Like black. Theyre black...people..." He doesn't know how to explain.

"Cool!" Nin is very excited "When can I go there?"

"Soon. Soon." Percy is confident.

But he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nin will remember this promise all her life. She doesn't know that she'll never be able to see my big college house. She probably won't be allowed to be in any college house because she's too big.

I feel sorry for Nin. She may never leave that house she's lived in all her life. She'll always be waiting for someone to let her in the car so she can go to that promised land. Every time Percy comes home. She'll ask "Are we going to that house soon?"

"Yeah! Yeah! This time for sure!" Always so confident. And Nin will be very excited.

Do you ever get sad over nothing in particular like this?

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