Thursday, April 23, 2009

We's Da Cool--8/20/08

for the way i said it. it do make sense.r but. thats the boogly. wats the do. marth. blue haired sasquatch. he hit me wit his sord. new internet spelling. s0rd. it mean sword. but of old. happy leper. he watch his claw. it makes it a good idea.

friend writes... mom leave britnety alone!!1 you always eat pursie1 growjhrr . one day i had a dreamg that one day all asian people will have big onessssssss.., wrinkles

back to me
i sense the spyro vistion. i can fly in kaleidascopic tunnels. light and the world. i fell on the rocks. he.he.he.kekekekekekekekeh. kerkekeh. fufufufufufu. how can laughs souhd like that.? its a question of ratios. pal. i sense the jingle. jargonic evolution of brains in microwaves of space organs and apple witches. with funny hats. i m the elementalis. nekomimi MODE activate. im on a fuckkkkikkiningf ranpage. take that, muthafucka. i'm missing my mind!!!!!!! hardeharharhar. we are gatherede here today to witness the bond between this man and his carefully dug grave. not you anonymous whobody! that tree its crying sap. new idea. humans

he back.

wearing down now peoples. we s going to go watch harold n kumar. but first, a mind boggling conclusion:

a day isnt exactly 24 hours. it is actually closer to 23 hours than 24. so that means, that atomic clock is based on the movement of the earth, and the clock on the comp is based on the atomic clock. that means, that the value of one second is constantly fluctuating. sometimes, 1 second could become 2. we'de never know it. thats kinda like the economy. the only people who know it are the people with money.

I laff at moses. for he is teh furry one. blessed teh ten commandmentts . for they is true untrue. fo that is the way of such things. downtown. percy. percy is under hte table. he is absurd. you can trust him, but unfortunately, you cannot. he keeps your soul and keeps your undershorts. I under stands yiou friends. i trusts you completely. heheheehhhhh.... blech. i ate a raisin. not tonight. long ago. holy shit. teh end

once upona tyme, there was a named named bozo,wow slip of the minkd too many times in my 3 hours of life itself . i once knwe a man from naboo who could can paly the game called vodoo. Itoday when over mgihty mouses hose, he gave me a magical fountine inhis room where he made me smoke the damn trhing untilo my eyes bleed away. tonight was fun indeed, we played brawl till we sleeped. hope you have a fun tim ein colleggeee......meow. nekomimi allthe way man, shit, youre just like alltoehr whores out there that r ho fo show, bitch!! my face donutsxsn and lakative =migbhty shit. dont mess with chuck n orris JIGGLY PUFF JIGGLY KICK!^_^

percy is the man of sorts. he knows his shit. true like no other. o hope he keeps in that mindset. this is like his job. i owe him loads. the cabinet beach. of saids and cabinet sawse. graboid. why. i think so. ither whey, i think its time to wrap up. we goings upstairs. goodnigh, sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs paralyze!

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Aniki said...

Wow! That was what I call crudumptulous. in other words, it was pretty snazzy. ^_^ Good work!
While your at it, check out my blog you little ogre demon!

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