Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"The sun never sets on the Democratic Empire."

I have to clarify this a bit. People always hate war. Something I tire of hearing (much as I agree with it) is that there are peaceful methods of resolving conflict. I've realized that the truth is, America knows all about the peaceful methods. We were the first country to give democracy a shot since ancient Greece, and look how many have followed in our footsteps. Nearly every continent is now mainly Democratic, despite the fact that most countries have never been at war with the US. This is testimony to political conflicts that we have succeeded in. Wars won through words: peaceful resolution. And now that the seed of America is spread across the world, I'm starting to feel like we're, in a sense, conquering the world. I heard all through grade school that the Chinese Empire is the oldest civilization in existence. I refute this. the Chinese Empire fell a long time ago, because it's not an empire anymore. Now it's a democracy, another democracy in the chain that's starting to encircle the globe. I'm calling this the democratic empire. America is taking the world over, few people realize it, and I'm not exactly happy about that.

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