Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's something to think about: if you could be an any animal--if you died now, and as a reward for living, you get to relive life as whatever existing animal you want...would would it be? Don't just go choosing your favorite animal or anything. It should be something justifiable. I would definitely be a giant squid 'cuz, let's face it; in this land there is only one rule that is absolute: you don't fuck with a giant squid. One day, the world is just going to have to accept this. It's irrefutable. Unless you're a wizened Japanese fisherman. That's actually a nautilus above, but it's still epic as hell. Seriously, would you fuck with that monster? I don't think so.
Yo, I've got something to remember right now.
Law of Cosines: cosC=a^2*b^2-2ab cosC
Law of Sines: a/sinA=b/sinB=c/sinC
--------------a sinB=b sinA
But the case remains. Giant Squid.

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